One month!






A month has flown by and I’m in shock by how much little Arlo has grown! He’s now 4.8kg and is 58cm long. He’s such a happy and easy going baby. He rarely cries, feeds great and is generally just easy. I’ll update on specific things in separate posts, breast feeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering and baby wearing.

We’re going to visit the in-laws in their village over the weekend (so, watch out for some more words of wisdom) and then, going to Bangkok to apply for visas and citizenships for our trip to Australia. Arlo has his Thai passport now, and his little passport photo is the cutest!

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Words of wisdom

Arlo is one month old now! Crazy! We’ve settled in as a happy little family, though, I have to admit the first week was eye opening to a whole new side of Thai culture, but mainly eye opening to the fact that my mother in law raised my husband successfully!!

My mother in law stayed with us for the week, and helped when we were in the hospital. We really appreciated the help – especially after a cesarean and not being able to walk or get up easily for the first couple of days. It was great when we arrived home and had help with cooking and cleaning… but, her “words of wisdom” when it came to a newborn and breastfeeding were amusing (and scary).

Raising a newborn and breastfeeding – words of wisdom from a Thai mother in law:

Hats and beanies

Hats and beanies must be worn at ALL times, no, it doesn’t matter if we are in Thailand and the temperature is always warm. It doesn’t matter if he’s swaddled in a blanket. Goodness, it doesn’t even matter if he’s having a bath! A hat must be worn!! When I questioned this, her response was:

“A baby’s brain isn’t developed, you have to keep it warm or it won’t develop properly”.

Bath time

The bath time must be at 10am every day. Unless it’s raining. If it’s raining the bath time must be at 4pm. If it’s still raining, the bath must wait.

She was so adamant about this, that she called us the day after she left, at 9.55am and asked, “what are you doing? Are you getting his bath ready?”

I wish I had asked her what would happen if we had Arlo in Australia during the winter, when it’s constantly raining. Do we leave bath time for three months?!

Belly button care

Besides obviously cleaning the belly button, she also insisted that his stomach was constantly covered in a blanket and swaddled. Arlo has never liked being swaddled, and it’s hot in Thailand, so generally a light blanket was enough if we were sitting outside. But, watch out if the blanket comes down past his belly, and just covers his legs. She will bounce and pull it up. Her reasoning for this constant covering up was “you never see a baby with his stomach not covered in the hospital”

Leg massage

A babies legs must be massaged straight after every bath, otherwise, his legs will never be straight. I’m sure my legs weren’t massaged straight, or most of the Western population, and our legs turned out just fine.

Raising a baby that isn’t needy

No one would want to raise a spoilt or needy baby. I’ve mentioned previously that we co-sleep and follow many of the principles based around attachment parenting. But, she had some very important advice about holding and carrying the baby:

“You have to put the baby down, only pick him up when he’s feeding or crying, otherwise he’ll be too needy”.

This was said when Arlo was only a couple days old. I’m sure at this age he doesn’t know how to be manipulative and he just wants his needs met and be close to his mother.


Her breastfeeding advice was always my favourite. Please, keep in mind that she never breastfed, and doesn’t know anyone that has breastfed. Where her advice came from, I have no idea, but I’ll give her credit for her creativity and originality.

Milk supply: 

I was sitting feeding Arlo on the first day he had come home, and my milk was just coming in. All was peaceful, and I was looking down at Arlo happily feeding. When suddenly, out of no where, she came up to me and started using a plastic comb to comb my breast in a downward motion to “help the milk come down”.


She was and still is adamant that I’m overfeeding Arlo, she was comparing breastfeeding to formula feeding and thought I should stop feeding Arlo after a certain amount of time.


This was the scariest piece of advice, particularly when we were first breastfeeding and it took a bit longer to get Arlo latched. She said that you have to make your nipples look more like a bottle. How, you might ask?

With chopsticks.

I’ll let you process this for a moment.

Her advice was to pull out the nipple with the chopsticks. From that moment, I was terrified of her coming into the room with chopsticks!

What crazy parenting advice have you received?

Little Dino’s arrival

Day 1 - first family photo

I can’t believe it’s been a week and a half since we were taking this photo! Time is flying, and he’s already grown so much! You might remember from this post that I was hoping for a natural delivery, so you might be shocked to see that Arlo was delivered by a c-section. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll also remember how worried I was about being forced to have a c-section due to the high rate of c-sections and Thai’s opting for elective cesareans. Continue reading

Little Dino is here!



He’s here!! We are so happy and can’t believe that he’s finally here! We fell in love with him instantly, and it’s hard to remember what life was like without him. i’ll post more about his birth soon, but for now, all the important details!!


Born: 25th July 2013

Weight: 3.79kg (8lbs. 4oz.)

Length: 52cm

His middle name is my maiden name, which is also a common Australian first name, and he has our Thai last name. He’s perfect, and has been such a good baby – I can’t help but look at him in disbelief that he’s ours! We love our little Arlo.

Tomorrow and news

I have exciting news, which I’m sure you can guess what that means!! I had wanted to post about it today, but I’m tired and so will be doing a series of posts to share the news.

So, stay tuned for tomorrow, when you will get to see a photo of little Dino, and all the details… and possibly, even his name!! He’s finally here, and I took a bit of a break to just spend time with the little family, but, I’m back now!! 

A big update!!


I haven’t posted on here for a long long time, and I’m sorry. I have news though and … before anyone gets excited, the news doesn’t involve a little Dino. Not yet anyway!

I had an appointment just before I was 36 weeks, and the night before the appointment, I started having really bad pains in my back that kept waking me up. Continue reading

Product review: Responsible Mother



After a bit of a break from the blog, I’m back into things. I guess the only reason for the break was that I was so tired! And, that’s how I will sum up week 34. Exhaustion! All I wanted to do was sleep, and that’s all I did, between working and going for walks. But, I’m so excited to tell you about this shop and the review! So, I’m really happy that week 35 does not equal exhaustion, and I’m feeling great and awake again!

You might remember that I was talking about how we plan on using prefolds and covers from this post. I was sent a wool cover and a bamboo velour cover to review recently, and I can truly say that I’m a huge wool convert now and this cover is amazing. The cover is amazing by itself, but, it’s actually the prefold that I can’t stop talking about – and together, they are a winning combination!

Responsible Mother’s products can be bought at their website: Responsible Mother or at their Etsy Shop. And, you can also see their Facebook page here. They not only sell wool covers, but also all in ones, and cotton diapers, with really cute prints and colours. And, the softest looking blankets.

1. The cover

The cover is a moisture repellent wool diaper cover, with snaps. The cover is made from 100% wool, and is so soft! I like that it has snaps, and come in two sizes for a better fit. I’ve mentioned before about how I was worried that wool would be too hot in Thailand, but it seems so much more natural and the fact that it breathes actually makes it a better option. This cover is thin enough that it doesn’t feel heavy and hot and it’s definitely not itchy! And, it comes in cute colours!

You can find the covers here: Moisture repellent wool cover


2. The prefold

The prefold is so soft, and words can’t even begin to describe how soft it is. This will definitely by my night time diapering option, because with the cover being so breathable and the prefold being ridiculously soft, I can’t imagine a more comfortable option! If you’re looking for a soft, natural prefold, try this one! I wish I could add in a “touch this” sample.

You can see the prefold and order it here: Bamboo Velour Prefold


3. The owner

The owner is so lovely, and the diaper arrived in record time! It was packaged in a really simple, but nice manner and looks professional and nice enough to send as a gift, or give as a baby shower gift.

Justina, the owner, works from Lithuania, and I asked her to tell me a bit about how she started making these cloth diapers, and this is what she had to say:

We are a family growing two small children (3 year-old Dominykas and 1 year-old Matas). Over the first pregnancy we already knew and believed that we will bring up our children healthily. Ecology idea is very close to our way of living and we also think the person‘s lifestyle should not harm not only him but the environment as well. While incubating the ideas into what we are going to diaper, how we will feed our baby, we decided to use cloth diapers, to dress in natural fibre clothes (wool, silk, cotton), to use only environmentally-friendly household, washing, cosmetic items, also wooden toys or sewn on mother‘s own. This is how „responsible mother“ was born.

Cloth diapers for modern parents who think different! That was our slogan while in search for textile, modelling, and sewing products. In the beginning there were just small orders for acquaintance mothers, who wanted to grow their children healthily, but after receiving positive feedback and recommendations we started working at full length. We offer you cloth diapers handmade with love and warmth in Lithuania.

Every product is made by ourselves, from cutting to sewing. We search for interesting, colorful and of course high quality fabrics in fabric shops and boutiques so we have a colorful and ever-changing collection of cloth diapers to offer.

Let me know if you try these diapers, and I’ll also be posting a review when little Dino tries them out!

Week 33 – better late than never



I’m almost 35 weeks, so I’m a bit late with these posts! I’ll try and catch up by the end of the week. I just wanted to post quickly, the one and only photo I have from week 33. This is my friend’s little boy, and he loves to stand and rub my belly saying ‘babyyy, babyyy”. The other day we were out together, and his Mum was holding him and he was reaching out to rub my belly – too cute!

All the weeks are quite similar, nothing has changed from last week. We’re still going for a walk each evening after work, which really helps after a day of sitting all day, if we miss an evening my back really hurts! Otherwise, just eating, sleeping, working and walking, with the constant kicks and prods and hiccups – he likes to make sure he isn’t forgotten in there!

I just want to meet this little Dino so much! But, please, don’t come early – there’s still way too much to do!!

Tuesday’s Etsy store love: Bun Bun Baby Designs



It’s Tuesday again! And, this week’s store is “Bun Bun Baby” a cute store with amazing fabrics and prints, selling blankets, cute little toys and teething toys. What I love about this store is how the prints she has selected are beautiful, creative and not your typical baby pinks and blues. The majority are gender neutral and they are all very appealing, and still fun, without being too overboard with the baby factor!! 

Not only are the prints amazing, the owner Charlotte, is great. She answers questions quickly and she’s offered a teething ring to review, so watch out for the review in the coming posts. I was amazed at how quickly the package arrived, I’ll definitely be checking this shop out again!

Click on the pictures to open the store:



Bunting blanket



Cloud pillow – perfect for the nursery



Ikat baby blanket



Organic geometric print baby blanket



And, the cutest little owl toy!

Do you prefer more modern prints, or the more typical baby designs?